The Haryana State Open Board of Schooling Sohan (Haryana) HSOBS was established, to regulate and supervise the system of Secondary and Sr. Secondary education under open and distance learning module in the country and to specify the courses of study and matters connected there with.

The important functions of the Board are

  • To prescribe syllabi and text books.
  • To grant affiliation to the institutions offering secondary and sr. secondary level courses.
  • To lay down regulations for the administration of Schools & Junior Colleges.
  • To publish text books
  • To prescribe qualifications for teachers.
  • To cause academic inspection of Schools & Junior Colleges.
  • To conduct examinations.
  • To process results and to issue certificates
Attendance Requirements:

The minimum number of lectures, tutorials, seminars and practical’s which a student shall be required to attend for eligibility to appear at the examination shall not be less than 75% of the total number of lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical’s, and any other prescribed requirements. The Academic Board may relax the attendance requirements to become eligible to appear in the term end examinations.

Provided that no attendance requirement for the Online and External Student to become eligible for appear in the term end examination.

Teaching Learning Scheme the Scheme of Teaching in Secondary & Senior Secondary Level Programme shall be as laid down by the Academic Committee of the Board from time to time.


The Board shall adopt the guidelines of Open and Distance Learning System, (Government of India) and other Regulatory bodies concerned from time to time in respect of conduct of examinations. The evaluation is carried out according to the Scheme laid down by the Academic Committee of the Board from time to time. There shall be Board examinations at the end of the each Term for the Programmes undertaken by the student.

The registered Student of the Board has the option to appear in the Examination through On-Demand Examination System (ODES). Student can appear in the examination through ODES as per their wish and preparation as and when they feel ready for the examination, subject to availability of the seats in the examination.

The achievement of a satisfactory overall standard of assessment which would assess the student’s :

Command of an appropriate body of skills and knowledge;

Ability to use a range of techniques to analyze information and offer solutions to problems especially within a work context.