Administrative Setup

The statistical system in Haryana consists of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES) And the Statistical Divisions in other departments of the Government (DSD). The headquarters of the DES is situated at the State capital (Chandigarh UT) and is headed by the Director. It is functionally organized into seven technical divisions each headed by a Joint Director and one Administration and Accounts Division headed by the Administrative Officer in the rank of a Deputy Director. The technical divisions are:-

  • Agricultural Statistics Division (AGS)
  • Agricultural Census, Rainfall and Computer Division (ARC)
  • Civil Registration, National Sample Survey and Local Body Statistics Division (CNL)
  • State income, Industries and Prices division (SIP) , Co-ordination and planning (COP) attached to SIP division
  • Publication Division (PTG)
  • Fourth Economic Census
  • Crop Insurance Division (CIS).

Each 'Division', is headed by a Joint Director and is divided into different sections. A group of sections, generally two or three is headed by Deputy Director. In all, there are 22 technical sections at the State Headquarters. Depending upon the workload each technical section is manned by Deputy Director/Assistant Directors/ Assistant Statistical Officers, Statistical Inspectors and Enumerators. The Administration and Accounts Division is manned by Superintendents, First Division Assistants and Second Division Assistants.

Each of the 22 districts of the State has a District Statistical Office headed by a District Statistical Officer in rank of a Deputy Director. The District Statistical Officer is assisted in technical matters, at the district headquarters, by the Assistant Director, Assistant Statistical Officers, Statistical Inspectors and Enumerators. The number of supporting staff in each District Statistical Office varies according to the size of the district. The District Statistical Officer is assisted by the ministerial staff for day-to-day administration work. At the Taluk (tashil) level, one Statistical Inspector and one Enumerator are stationed at the office of the Tashildar for purpose of statistical work. These two functionaries are under the technical control of the District Statistical Officer and for day to day work, they are under the control of Tashildar. Thus, the total number of District Statistical Offices comes to 22.

The Statistical Divisions of other departments cater mainly to the specific needs of the departments concerned and are headed by officers in the rank of Joint Director/Deputy/Assistant Director depending upon the needs of the concerned departments. However, there are a couple of statistical Divisions manned only by non-gazetted staff. The number of supporting staff, viz., Assistant statistical officers, Statistical Inspectors and Enumerators vary from department to department

Apart from the departments coming under the purview of the Haryana Economic and statistical Service, a few more departments/boards and corporations/ organizations of the Government of Haryana. have also borrowed personnel from the Directorate of Economics and Statistics. In particular, it may be mentioned that personnel on deputation from DES man the planning machinery of the Zilla Panchayats. In addition, sizeable officers and officials of the DES are on deputation to Planning Secretariat. In all, as on 31.3.1999, 719 personnel were on deputation from the DES. A list of such Departments/Organizations is given in Organizational Chart